Pro bono work

Developing an infrastructure project is filled with circular references: you need to have your terms with the project’s expected counterparties¬†well developed to be sufficiently bankable to approach funders, but it’s only upon approaching funders that you get an idea of what their bankability requirements are.

Consequently, it can be helpful to know what sort of conditions financiers are likely to require .

If it would be helpful to you to spend a few hours discussing your project and what might be helpful to get it to bankability, please call or email us.

We will not charge for this, nor expect that you use our services in the future. Nor will we spend the entire time trying to sell you services.

We see this as helpful in keeping abreast of what’s happening in the market, and as good relationship building, so we benefit too. We also believe that (most) infrastructure development is a social good, and we want more of it to be successful!