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About verdigris

Verdigris provides advice to investors seeking to invest in project finance / non-recourse transactions. Advice centers around assessment of the adequacy of risk pass-through to project counterparties and the consequent residual risk remaining with the investor.

Clients are predominantly South African financial institutions investing in energy and infrastructure projects through asset classes including equity, senior and mezzanine debt and derivative instruments used to hedge project cash flows.

Verdigris provides capital raising advice and financial engineering to non-recourse projects and has undertaken algorithm development and revenue optimisation for trading clients.

Verdigris also builds lenders’ base case models for infrastructure projects looking for funding, and operationalises existing base case models to simplify them for every-day use and to incorporate projects’ actual experience, as laid out in their financial statements.

Some achievements:

  • Structured and arranged the first project finance hedge syndication (i.e. sale of a hedge as an asset) to a non bank in South Africa.
  • Advised investors on >20 REIPPPP (South African renewable energy programme) projects with a value of ~ R50 billion, leading to investment of ~ R6 billion.


Verdigris is owned and run by Douglas Lorimer.

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South Africa

email: doug@verdigris.co.za

tel: +27 (0)84 505 8357





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